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Our website www.LexAmericana.com is the home of The Law Offices of Christian Schrobsdorff P.C., a New York City law firm specialized in the practice of United States immigration law. We have extensive experience in the area of immigration law, as well as a deep personal connection to our clients. Our Lead Attorney Christian Schrobsdorff is the husband and child of immigrants himself so he understands your worries and concerns and he has a passion for helping people with all types of immigration problems. We fully understand the importance that your immigration case can have on your life and well-being, and we are committed to doing everything possible to give you that extra measure of comfort that comes when you know your attorney is truly dedicated to your case. At the end of the day, our foremost goal is to help you immigrate to the US or obtain US citizenship or legal resident status.

Many things can go wrong with an immigration filing, especially if it was submitted without professional advice. Refusals can often be remedied, however. If you have applied for a Green Card or other immigration benefits and have been rejected, all hope may not be lost. There are a number of different paths to obtaining a Green Card or legal status and we would like to be your guide in determining the best options for you and your family. Many of our clients have previously applied for legal status in the most common, straightforward ways, but were not successful. Sometimes there are lesser-known immigration programs and rarely-used options that are also available. We take the time to assess each client’s personal situation from multiple different angles and we work hard to find alternative options which others may not have considered.

The more we learn about you and your background, the better chance we have to help you achieve your immigration goals. We frequently find that rejected applications contained missing details, incomplete supporting evidence or that the applicant requested the wrong benefit or even filed the wrong forms. Sometimes it is as simple as the applicant being unable to present a persuasive case due to nervousness or language and cultural barriers. Fortunately, in many cases the rejection is not final, the harm is not irreparable, and we can assist you in re-applying.

We work with clients in New York City and throughout the United States. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in New York or around the country, www.LexAmericana.com should be your first stop. We promise to work hard to earn your trust and make our firm your final choice to serve as your immigration attorney.

Lex Americana Law knows how important your case is to you. Respectful and professional treatment of our clients is a priority for Lex Americana. We know that you have high expectations from your lawyer

Many people think that they can handle their immigration problems themselves. Often they tragically learn that they cannot, with their case denied or delayed for years, or even finding themselves in deportation proceedings.

We do not try to be experts in a several dozen different areas of law at the same time. Our goal is simple: to provide our clients with the best immigration law advice possible, together with top-notch service for a reasonable price.

Every client’s situation is different and we know that this can affect your opportunities. Unlike some law firms, Lex Americana Law does do not take a “one size fits all” approach to your case.

We assist individuals and companies with matters that relate to U.S. Immigration and Naturalization law. We work hard to maximize our clients’ opportunities to achieve success on every case.

We will analyze your case carefully and look at multiple angles with careful precision. We look at each situation carefully in an effort to maximize your chances of success. Often clients are not aware that they may qualify for a Green Card